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CPGNode Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for CPGNode:

Public Member Functions

 CPGNode (int nodeNum, const std::vector< double > &params)
void addCoupling (CPGNode *cNode, const double cWeight, const double cPhase)
virtual void updateDTs (double descCom)
double nodeEquation (double d, double c0, double c1)
virtual void updateNodeValues (double newR, double newRD, double newPhi)
const int getNodeIndex () const
std::string toString (const std::string &prefix="") const

Protected Attributes

double nodeValue
double phiValue
double phiDotValue
double rValue
double rDotValue
double rDoubleDotValue
std::vector< CPGNode * > couplingList
std::vector< double > phaseList
std::vector< double > weightList
const int m_nodeNumber
const double rConst
const double frequencyOffset
const double frequencyScale
const double radiusOffset
const double radiusScale
const double dMin
const double dMax


class CPGEquations
class CPGNodeFB

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file CPGNode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CPGNode::CPGNode ( int  nodeNum,
const std::vector< double > &  params 
consider adding vector of initial conditions for stability

Definition at line 35 of file CPGNode.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

double CPGNode::nodeEquation ( double  d,
double  c0,
double  c1 

Compute the base node equation for R and Phi

Definition at line 90 of file CPGNode.cpp.

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void CPGNode::updateDTs ( double  descCom)

Update phiDotValue and rDoubleDotValue based on Node equations and coupling equations

better name?

Iterate through every edge and affect the phase of this node accordingly.

ask about refactoring to use for_each

Definition at line 71 of file CPGNode.cpp.

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Member Data Documentation

const int CPGNode::m_nodeNumber

Index of this node for printing and debugging

Definition at line 106 of file CPGNode.h.

double CPGNode::nodeValue

Values for numerical integration

Definition at line 92 of file CPGNode.h.

const double CPGNode::rConst

Parameters for node equations:

Definition at line 111 of file CPGNode.h.

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