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SerializedSpineControl Class Reference

#include <SerializedSpineControl.h>

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struct  Config

Public Member Functions

 SerializedSpineControl (std::string fileName)
 ~SerializedSpineControl ()
virtual void onSetup (BaseSpineModelLearning &subject)
virtual void onStep (BaseSpineModelLearning &subject, double dt)
virtual void onAttach (BaseSpineModelLearning &subject)
virtual void onTeardown (BaseSpineModelLearning &subject)

Detailed Description

Control the TetraSpineLearningModel with a series of sine waves and local impedance controllers

Definition at line 47 of file SerializedSpineControl.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SerializedSpineControl::SerializedSpineControl ( std::string  fileName)

Construct the controller. Typically occurs in the main function. The controller will need to be attached to a subject (model) Parameters are currently set in the initalizer lists.

Definition at line 167 of file SerializedSpineControl.cpp.

SerializedSpineControl::~SerializedSpineControl ( )

Destructor. Frees the tgImpedanceController pointers

Definition at line 181 of file SerializedSpineControl.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void tgObserver< BaseSpineModelLearning >::onAttach ( BaseSpineModelLearning subject)

Notify the observers when an attach action has occurred. Will only occur once, typically before setup

[in,out]subjectthe subject being observed

Definition at line 55 of file tgObserver.h.

void SerializedSpineControl::onSetup ( BaseSpineModelLearning subject)

Notify the observers when a setup action has occurred.

[in,out]subjectthe subject being observed

Reimplemented from tgObserver< BaseSpineModelLearning >.

Definition at line 218 of file SerializedSpineControl.cpp.

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void SerializedSpineControl::onStep ( BaseSpineModelLearning subject,
double  dt 

Apply the sineWave controller. Called my notifyStep(dt) of its subject. Calls the applyImpedanceControl functions of this class

[in]subject- the TetraSpineLearningModel that is being Subject must have a MuscleMap populated
[in]dt,currenttimestep must be positive

Implements tgObserver< BaseSpineModelLearning >.

Definition at line 274 of file SerializedSpineControl.cpp.

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