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tgPairs Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 tgPairs (std::vector< tgPair > &pairs)
std::vector< tgPair > & getPairs ()
const std::vector< tgPair > & getPairs () const
int addPair (const tgPair &pair)
int addPair (tgPair pair, const tgTags &tags)
int addPair (tgPair pair, const std::string &space_separated_tags)
void removePair (const tgPair &pair)
void setPair (int key, tgPair pair)
void move (const btVector3 &offset)
void addRotation (const btVector3 &fixedPoint, const btVector3 &axis, double angle)
void addRotation (const btVector3 &fixedPoint, const btVector3 &fromOrientation, const btVector3 &toOrientation)
void addRotation (const btVector3 &fixedPoint, const btQuaternion &rotation)
void scale (const btVector3 &referencePoint, double scaleFactor)
tgPairsoperator-= (const tgPairs &other)
tgPairsoperator-= (const std::vector< tgPair * > other)
std::vector< tgPair * > find (std::string tags)
int size () const
std::vector< tgPair * > findAll ()
std::vector< tgPair * > findUntagged ()
bool contains (const tgPair &needle) const
tgPairoperator[] (int key)
const tgPairoperator[] (int key) const
tgPairoperator-= (const tgPair &other)
tgPairoperator+= (const tgPair &other)
tgPairoperator+= (const std::vector< tgPair * > other)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool contains (std::vector< tgPair * > haystack, const tgPair *needle)

Protected Member Functions

int addElement (tgPairelement)
void addElements (std::vector< tgPair * > elements)
void setElement (int key, tgPairelement)
std::vector< tgPair > & getElements ()
const std::vector< tgPair > & getElements () const
void removeElement (const tgPair &element)
void removeElement (const tgPair *element)
void removeElements (const std::vector< tgPair > &elements)
void removeElements (const std::vector< tgPair * > &elements)
tgPairgetElement (int key)
const tgPairgetElement (int key) const
bool keyExists (int key) const
bool elementExists (const tgPair &element) const
void assertKeyExists (int key, std::string message="Element at index does not exist") const
void assertUnique (tgPair &element, std::string message="Taggable elements must be unique.")
void assertUniqueElements (std::string message="Taggable elements must be unique.") const
tgTaggable_taggable (tgPair *obj)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file tgPairs.h.

Member Function Documentation

std::vector<tgPair *> tgTaggables< tgPair >::find ( std::string  tags)

Return a vector of pointers to Ts that have all of the specified tags.

Definition at line 64 of file tgTaggables.h.

bool tgTaggables< tgPair >::keyExists ( int  key) const

Is the index within range.

[in]keyan int
Return values
trueif key is within range
falseif key is not within range

Definition at line 229 of file tgTaggables.h.

tgPair & tgTaggables< tgPair >::operator-= ( const tgPair other)

Remove the elements contained in 'other' from this object

Definition at line 136 of file tgTaggables.h.

tgPairs& tgPairs::operator-= ( const tgPairs other)

Return the complement of this and other

Definition at line 144 of file tgPairs.h.

tgPair & tgTaggables< tgPair >::operator[] ( int  key)

Return a non-const reference to the element that is indexed by the int key. It must be in m_elements.

[in]keythe key of the element to retrieve a const reference to the element that is indexed by idx

Definition at line 123 of file tgTaggables.h.

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