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tgRBStringInfo Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 tgRBStringInfo (const tgRBString::Config &config)
 tgRBStringInfo (const tgRBString::Config &config, tgTags tags)
 tgRBStringInfo (const tgRBString::Config &config, const tgPair &pair)
virtual tgConnectorInfocreateConnectorInfo (const tgPair &pair)
void initConnector (tgWorld &world)
virtual tgModelcreateModel (tgWorld &world)
const int getSegments () const
double getMass ()
virtual tgConnectorInfocreateConnectorInfo (const tgPair &pair, const tgTagSearch &tagSearch)
virtual std::vector
< tgConnectorInfo * > 
createConnectorInfos (const tgPairs &pairs, const tgTagSearch &tagSearch)
btVector3 & getFrom ()
const btVector3 & getFrom () const
btVector3 & getTo ()
const btVector3 & getTo () const
tgRigidInfogetFromRigidInfo ()
const tgRigidInfogetFromRigidInfo () const
void setFromRigidInfo (tgRigidInfo *rigidInfo)
tgRigidInfogetToRigidInfo ()
const tgRigidInfogetToRigidInfo () const
void setToRigidInfo (tgRigidInfo *rigidInfo)
btRigidBody * getToRigidBody ()
btRigidBody * getFromRigidBody ()
virtual void chooseRigids (std::set< tgRigidInfo * > rigids)
virtual void chooseRigids (std::vector< tgRigidInfo * > rigids)
tgRigidInfochooseRigid (std::set< tgRigidInfo * > rigids, const btVector3 &v)
void addTags (const std::string &space_separated_tags)
void addTags (const tgTags &tags)
bool hasTag (const std::string tag) const
bool hasAllTags (std::string tags)
bool hasAnyTags (const std::string tags)
bool hasNoTags ()
tgTagsgetTags ()
const tgTagsgetTags () const
void setTags (tgTags tags)
std::string getTagStr (std::string delim=" ") const

Protected Member Functions

void buildModel (tgWorld &world, tgModel *thisString)
tgRigidInfofindClosestCenterOfMass (std::set< tgRigidInfo * > rigids, const btVector3 &v)
std::set< tgRigidInfo * > findRigidsContaining (std::set< tgRigidInfo * > rigids, const btVector3 &toFind)
bool rigidFoundIn (std::set< tgRigidInfo * > rigids, tgRigidInfo *rigid)

Protected Attributes

tgRBString::Config m_config
tgPair m_pair

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file tgRBStringInfo.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual tgConnectorInfo* tgRBStringInfo::createConnectorInfo ( const tgPair pair)

Create a tgConnectorInfo* from a tgPair

Implements tgConnectorInfo.

Definition at line 56 of file tgRBStringInfo.h.

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