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tgTagSearch Class Reference

#include <tgTagSearch.h>

Public Member Functions

 tgTagSearch (std::string search_string)
const bool matches (const tgTags &tags) const
const bool matches (const tgTaggable &taggable) const
bool matches (const tgTags &parentTags, const tgTags &tags)
void remove (const tgTags &tags)

Detailed Description

Represents a search to be performed on a tgTaggable

Definition at line 48 of file tgTagSearch.h.

Member Function Documentation

const bool tgTagSearch::matches ( const tgTags tags) const

Do the tags match this search?

Definition at line 62 of file tgTagSearch.h.

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bool tgTagSearch::matches ( const tgTags parentTags,
const tgTags tags 

Allows matching of children with the parent's tags virtually added to all children that are being searched

Definition at line 78 of file tgTagSearch.h.

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void tgTagSearch::remove ( const tgTags tags)

Remove the given tags from the search

Definition at line 89 of file tgTagSearch.h.

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