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tgTaggable Class Reference

Inherited by tgConnectorInfo, tgModel, tgNode, tgPair, tgRigidInfo, tgStructure, and tgStructureInfo.

Public Member Functions

 tgTaggable (const std::string &space_separated_tags)
 tgTaggable (tgTags tags)
void addTags (const std::string &space_separated_tags)
void addTags (const tgTags &tags)
bool hasTag (const std::string tag) const
bool hasAllTags (std::string tags)
bool hasAnyTags (const std::string tags)
bool hasNoTags ()
tgTagsgetTags ()
const tgTagsgetTags () const
void setTags (tgTags tags)
std::string getTagStr (std::string delim=" ") const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file tgTaggable.h.

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