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The NASA Tensegrity Robotics Toolkit has taken contributions from a number of students and others supported by various fellowships, institutes and internships. The following is a list of the main contributors to this software:

Ryan Adams Cyan Data Systems radams (at) cyandata.com
Adrian Agogino UC Santa Cruz/NASA Ames Research Center adrian.k.agogino (at) nasa.gov
Perry Bhandal Queen's University perry.bhandal (at) queensu.ca
Lee Brownston SGT Inc./NASA Ames Research Center Lee.S.Brownston (at) nasa.gov
Jonathan Bruce USRA/UC Santa Cruz jbruce (at) soe.ucsc.edu
Ken Caluwaerts Ghent University/FWO ken (at) caluwaerts.eu
Jérémie Despraz Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne jer.despraz (at) gmail.com
Jeffrey Friesen UC San Diego jfriesen (at) ucsd.edu
Atil Iscen Oregon State University atiliscen (at) gmail.com
Steven Lessard UC Santa Cruz slessard (at) ucsc.edu
Brian Mirletz Case Western Reserve University brt6 (at) case.edu
Alexie Pogue UC San Diego alexie.pogue (at) gmail.com
Andrew Sabelhaus UC Berkeley apsabelhaus (at) berkeley.edu
Vytas SunSpiral SGT Inc./NASA Ames Research Center vytas.sunspiral (at) nasa.gov