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Learning Library

Contains an evolution scheme that can be configured for MonteCarlo, gaussian sampling or simulated annealing. Also contains adapters to read parameters in and out of evolution objects, and a class to read a simulation configuration from a .ini text file


A class that passes parameters between AnnealEvolution and a controller. Parameters are scaled 0.0 to 1.0, so will need to be scaled to their relevant ranges in the controllers. Depends upon both AnnealEvolution and Configuration

Anneal Evolution

Learning is overseen by AnnealEvolution. AnnealEvoMember and AnnealEvoPopulation contain sets of parameters and are modified according to the style of evolution. A detailed explanation of how to configure the .ini files is available on Configuration Parameters


Configuration parameters depend on the specific learning applicaiton, but always map keys to integer or double values. See Configuration Parameters for details on the parameters for Anneal Evolution

1.0.0 (beta)