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Scaling Analysis

For the v1.1 release of NTRT, a short white paper is provided that justifies much of the scaling that's done in the example files and related work.

Most common situations are covered by this analysis. For example, if the gravitational constant needs to be changed in order to make the computations faster for the underlying C++ math libraries, only a few constants would need to be scaled. In particular, our analysis shows that any length scales, force measurements, velocity measurements, density parameters, and moduli of elasticity must be scaled along with gravitational acceleration. Note that this only applies to current models using the semi-standardized CONFIG structure. See, for example, the SUPERball model under src/examples.

The white paper is currently available at: src/dev/apsabelhaus/scaling_analysis/scaling_analysis.pdf

If any errors or corrections are found, please email Drew Sabelhaus at apsab.nosp@m.elha.nosp@m.us@be.nosp@m.rkel.nosp@m.ey.ed.nosp@m.u.