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Change #1298

Category None
Changed by Drew Sabelhaus <apsabelhausohnoyoudont@berkeley.edu>
Changed at Sun 08 Jan 2017 15:09:10
Repository https://github.com/NASA-Tensegrity-Robotics-Toolkit/NTRTsim
Branch master
Revision 067d97b9bde94b8e11d452b477b6652e7e18c311


Two changes: (1) refactored sensors data passing, so vectors of data are used instead of CSV strings. Now, the data manager is responsible for converting vectors of strings into whatever else is needed (e.g. a single CSV string.) Also, (2) working sensor for spring cable actuators. Now, tgDataLogger2 should be almost functionally equivalent to tgDataLogger! (Still don't have markers though.)

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