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JSONHierarchyFeedbackControl::Config Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Config (int ss, int tm, int om, int param, int segnum=6, double ct=0.1, double la=0, double ha=30, double lp=-1 *M_PI, double hp=M_PI, double kt=0.0, double kp=1000.0, double kv=100.0, bool def=true, double cl=10.0, double lf=0.0, double hf=30.0, double ffMin=0.0, double ffMax=0.0, double afMin=0.0, double afMax=0.0, double pfMin=0.0, double pfMax=0.0, double maxH=60.0, double minH=1.0, int ohm=10, int thm=10, int olm=10, int tlm=10, int ohighm=5, int thighm=5, double hf2=20.0, double ffMax2=0.0)

Public Attributes

const double freqFeedbackMin
const double freqFeedbackMax
const double ampFeedbackMin
const double ampFeedbackMax
const double phaseFeedbackMin
const double phaseFeedbackMax
const double maxHeight
const double minHeight
int numStates
int numActions
int ourHipMuscles
int theirHipMuscles
int ourLegMuscles
int theirLegMuscles
int ourHighMuscles
int theirHighMuscles
const double highFreq2
const double freqFeedbackMax2
const int segmentSpan
const int theirMuscles
const int ourMuscles
const int params
const int segmentNumber
const double controlTime
const double lowAmp
const double highAmp
const double lowFreq
const double highFreq
const double lowPhase
const double highPhase
const double tension
const double kPosition
const double kVelocity
const bool useDefault
const double controlLength

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file JSONHierarchyFeedbackControl.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

JSONHierarchyFeedbackControl::Config::Config ( int  ss,
int  tm,
int  om,
int  param,
int  segnum = 6,
double  ct = 0.1,
double  la = 0,
double  ha = 30,
double  lp = -1 * M_PI,
double  hp = M_PI,
double  kt = 0.0,
double  kp = 1000.0,
double  kv = 100.0,
bool  def = true,
double  cl = 10.0,
double  lf = 0.0,
double  hf = 30.0,
double  ffMin = 0.0,
double  ffMax = 0.0,
double  afMin = 0.0,
double  afMax = 0.0,
double  pfMin = 0.0,
double  pfMax = 0.0,
double  maxH = 60.0,
double  minH = 1.0,
int  ohm = 10,
int  thm = 10,
int  olm = 10,
int  tlm = 10,
int  ohighm = 5,
int  thighm = 5,
double  hf2 = 20.0,
double  ffMax2 = 0.0 

The only constructor.

Definition at line 63 of file JSONHierarchyFeedbackControl.cpp.

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