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CPGEquations Class Reference

#include <CPGEquations.h>

Inheritance diagram for CPGEquations:

Public Member Functions

 CPGEquations (int maxSteps=200)
 CPGEquations (std::vector< CPGNode * > &newNodeList, int maxSteps=200)
int addNode (std::vector< double > &newParams)
void defineConnections (int nodeIndex, std::vector< int > connections, std::vector< double > newWeights, std::vector< double > newPhaseOffsets)
const double operator[] (const std::size_t i) const
virtual std::vector< double > & getXVars ()
virtual std::vector< double > & getDXVars ()
virtual void updateNodes (std::vector< double > &descCom)
virtual void updateNodeData (std::vector< double > newXVals)
void update (std::vector< double > &descCom, double dt)
std::string toString (const std::string &prefix="") const
void countStep ()

Protected Attributes

std::vector< CPGNode * > nodeList
std::vector< double > XVars
std::vector< double > DXVars
double stepSize
int m_maxSteps
int numSteps

Detailed Description

The top level class for interfacing with CPGs. Contains the definition of the CPG (list of nodes) as well as functions to interface with ODEInt

Definition at line 39 of file CPGEquations.h.

Member Function Documentation

void CPGEquations::update ( std::vector< double > &  descCom,
double  dt 

Call the integrator a the specified timestep

Read information from nodes into variables that work for ODEInt

Run ODEInt. This will change the data in xVars

Definition at line 231 of file CPGEquations.cpp.

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