NTRT Simulator  Version: Master
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The core directory contains all of the necessary components for modeling and simulation. This includes:

A quick note about the cable colors in the files under core:

In NTRTsim, the cables have different colors depending on the tensions that are applied in each cable (equivalently, the amount of "stretch" of each cable, given its current length and rest length.

Briefly, here are the colors. More information can be found in the tgBulletRenderer.cpp file, under the render() functions.

For tgSpringCableActuator:

  • Blue = slack (no tension)
  • Yellow/Red = in tension. More red = higher tension.

For tgCompressionSpringActuator:

  • Blue = slack (no tension)
  • Red = in tension. Note that this color does not scale, like tgSpringCableActutaor.
  • Green = in compression, the spring is "pushing."